HP DELL 19-24 inch

Combining energy-conscious, environmentally sound design with reliable office performance and user comfort, the ProfessionalTM  monitor can help manage costs while raising productivity across your entire organization.

Enjoy excellent picture quality with enhanced clarity on Professional 19-24-inch Widescreen Monitor from Dell and HP. With full high-definition resolution and a generous 19-24-inch display area, you can easily work on multiple documents, or in multiple application windows, at once. help to ensure a seamless experience whether you’re watching a presentation, reviewing documents or streaming online video. Connect to your PC with a standard VGA cable, or enjoy exceptional image quality and color uniformity with DVI (HDCP). Be assured of reliable office performance and user comfort with the unique combination of energy-conscious and environmentally sound design.Thanks to the lower power consumption of LED technology, you can also see potential cost savings over time!

598 Quantity Available

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