From the time you place your order to the time you offload your container or pallets NESA TECH guarantee you a full service and after service. We sell from a pallet to a 40 feet container. We also do trucks of 24 or 26 pallets.

Your order is not too big or too small to be fulfilled. You don’t ask you don’t get. NESA TECH have an extensive reach worldwide and deals with customers all around the world.

Our wide range of products stops you wasting your time shopping around. Your container can be filled up within days by a variety of stock suitable for your local market. Buyers can truly make money with NESA TECH as we do believe that profit is not one way traffic in business.

NESA TECH do take care of your logistics and transports by offering a competitive price range. Air freight, road freight and sea freight, our transport specialist will advise you for the best way and value to land your products in the best options possible.

You have a surplus of stock, speak to NESA TECH. Our wide range of customers can absorb any quantity of stock. You can partner with NESA TECH to conquer to the world by supplying quality and quantity.

When you send us a list, we will give you a forecast of resale value in a win/ win situation. Your stock guaranteed to be sold by item, pallet or container to individuals through the web, computer traders, maintenance companies, international brokers, charities and social enterprises….